Act Naturally

We rarely get the opportunity to rehearse how we want to say things, as most of our effort goes on the content, rather than the delivery of our message.

Communication is all about the choices we make, most of the time we behave like sheep and do things out of habit, rather than intent.

By trusting ourselves to react in the moment, we become more engaging during: presentations, face to face meetings, over the telephone and at networking events.

Engagement matters

The MacLeod & Clarke government study 'Engaging for Success’ reports: levels of engagement matter because employee engagement can correlate with performance. Even more significantly, there is evidence that improving engagement correlates with improving performance.

Act Naturally will help employees to clearly express the vision, values and story behind the organisation and develop an effective and empowered voice.

Leaders will learn how to facilitate and empower their staff, developing trust through congruence in communication and managing conflict before it escalates.

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